CHAIN builds on the potential of its Clostridium Assisted Drug Development (CADD™) platform to establish partnerships for microbiome discovery, therapeutic evaluation and for product development in different therapy areas.

  1. Microbiome Drug Discovery

CHAIN can help partners establish and characterise the function of novel microbial products.

  • Functional metagenomic approaches, deploying Clostridium as a host microbe for expressing and functionally screening genes from gut bacterial metagenomes.
  • Targeted functional studies on specific microbes/microbial genes of interest.
  • Modification of the host strains using proprietary molecular biology tools and/or cloning genes of interest in CHAIN’s Clostridium
  1. Product Co-Development

CHAIN supports development of engineered Live Biotherapeutic Products using our Clostridium chassis.

  • We target molecules that impact on the gut barrier and mucosal immune system, resident gut microbes and other organs that can be reached via the gut through neural and immune signalling networks.
  • Seek partners who have identified novel microbiome candidates and are looking for a way to effectively deliver to the gut by developing a live biotherapeutic product.


Building a team of experts:

At CHAIN, we are building a team of expert scientists and business specialists to develop the company into a global healthcare leader specialising in diseases related to the human microbiome. We seek talented individuals who value hard work and creativity and share our vision.

As our novel biotherapeutics progress towards the clinic, we are keen to hear from interested candidates with clinical trial expertise. Expertise in the human microbiome, immunology, synthetic biology, and regulatory affairs are also desirable. In addition, we are interested in experts who can help shape and manage the drug development process in our business operations.

CHAIN is committed to promoting equal opportunities in employment. The company offers a competitive compensation and benefits package. If you are interested in working for CHAIN, please contact


We have no vacancies at this time. Follow us on twitter or LinkedIn for jobs as they are announced.