Our Clostridium Assisted Drug Development (CADD™) platform is centred on the use of a superior Clostridium bacterial strain and precision engineering to produce and deliver specific therapeutic payloads to the gut.

Our approach provides targeted drug delivery to the colon, an anaerobic segment of the lower digestive tract where beneficial Clostridia thrive. Engineered strains are manufactured as highly robust bacterial endospores (spores) and formulated into capsules for oral ingestion. Spores tolerate stomach acid and germinate in the colon. Cells grow and secrete the bioactive molecule during passage through the colon. CHAIN’s spore-based therapeutics are robust with a long shelf life at ambient temperature.

The CADD™ platform offers superior gastrointestinal delivery for multiple therapeutic candidates. The host microbe has a wide substrate range and exhibits fast growth in the colon. The strain does not permanently colonise the gut, offering a high degree of control not typically found with other live biotherapeutics.

CHAIN’s technology overcomes two key challenges associated with conventional drug delivery to the gut; spores are resistant to stomach acid and digestive enzymes which breakdown proteins and kill most bacteria. Furthermore, because spores only germinate in the lower parts of the gut, the drug is specifically targeted to the full length of the colon which is difficult to achieve via other oral or rectal approaches.

CADD™ supports a pipeline of bioactive compounds including anti-inflammatory therapeutics, ketone bodies, anti-microbial compounds, and other signalling molecules.